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Best in Glass - Infinite possibilities

For two decades we have been realizing high-quality and highly individualized solutions around the superior material glass. Always with a deep understanding of the individual needs and requirements of the people who serve our customers' products every day.

Exclusive designs, high quality feel, high durability and maximum hygiene. Simply best in glass.

In-house glass processing

We have top experts and state-of-the-art machinery and processes that allow us to realize even the most sophisticated glass designs.

Limitless design

The unique EVYTRA design print for more design and usability with vibrant colors, crisp contours, high contrasts and special lighting effects.

Superior functionality

Maximally intuitive and user-friendly control panels - completely customized: as a touch-only solution or enhanced with haptics, shapes and user feedback for significant optimization of the UX design.

Customized development

From the idea to series production - our team of experts supports you with the know-how from hundreds of successful projects.

Leading production processes

3 reasons for top quality and exclusive designs: our unique printing processes, our top expertise in glass processing, and our many years of experience in printed circuit boards.

EVYTRA Innovation Lab

For your innovation leadership - in our Lab "Area 52" we are permanently working on new technologies and solutions. A multitude of patents speak for us.

In-house glass processing

Glass processing

We can glass

We know how. Glass is a fascinating, versatile and durable raw material - and with now over 25 years of experience, we have developed a deep understanding of this material.

Free contours, different edges and polishes, cuts or break-throughs - in our modern glass machining centers we manufacture your glass solution with passion and enthusiasm. Special machines and the latest technologies simultaneously enable high quality standards with the greatest possible automation at the production site in Germany.

Our employees are known for their curiosity and commitment - again and again we push the boundaries of mechanical glass processing, supporting intuitive user guidance and operation.

It all depends on the right glass

The types of glass available on the market differ in their chemical composition, production method and behavior during glass processing. In this context, not every glass is equally suitable for every application and for every type of installation.

We will be happy to advise you on which material is best suited to your requirements and design preferences.

In our glass processing, we can also process and finish almost all available glasses for the production of input systems.

It all depends on the right glass

Precise edges and razor-sharp contours

Glass processing requires experience, knowledge and a whole lot of sensitivity. Our employees have been knowing the processes and machines for years.

They actively contribute to the expansion and further development of the machinery. In addition to classic CNC-controlled processes, we work with state-of-the-art laser technology. This is where the future of glass processing lies, which is why we are also expanding our capacity in 2023 and investing in more promising laser systems.

For our customers, this means complete freedom for shape and contour, numerous variants for edge geometry and design, and more options for break-through. A new feature is the option of structuring the surface and thus designing specific cuts or haptic surfaces and guide aids.

For intuitive user guidance and creative freedom, we offer:

  • free, dimensionally accurate contour shape
  • polished or satinized edge in different grinding shapes
  • ground-in applications such as fingertip, wheel or slider
  • break-throughs in free form for mechanical components

Limitless Design

Light control

Maximum customization with our digital technology

After more than two years of process development in the field of digital printing, we are proud to further expand our reputation as a provider with the best print quality. This means that our customers always have the choice between different printing processes including their respective advantages or even a combination of both techniques to achieve the best result.

Color gradients and intricate textures that mimic natural materials such as wood or surfaces like roughcast. High contrasts with sharply defined edges are standard for us with today's technology and our know-how.

Variants for the OEM business with changing logos, consecutive numbers (for hotel rooms, for example), language variants in small quantities but also individual coding per piece are now state of the art. The best example is our EVYTRA SWITCH - here, individual icons are displayed for individual rooms or scenes, while each building or company has its own logo. Corporate design and current furnishing colors merge on request into a holistic design concept.

The right color matters

Normal glass and even special white glasses always have a green cast. The thicker the glass, the stronger this green tint is perceived and influences the effect of the colors through the glass. Our color sommeliers are able to detect even the slightest color gaps.

The inks and formulas used are adjusted accordingly so that we can produce any RAL and PANTONE color tone true to color despite natural glass discoloration - and always the same. Even changes in color density for lighting effects such as an individual alarm symbol, a softly illuminated surface or an integrated display can be realized with our EVYTRA printing processes.

Perfekte Haftung

Guaranteed long-lasting due to perfect adhesion

A decisive factor for the longevity of your products and above all a visual advantage over input systems made of plastic is the durability of the colors on glass. Because the design is applied to the back, it is permanently protected from external influences such as mechanical wear and tear, chemicals or environmental influences.

This means a challenge for the adhesion of the inks, which we have been mastering for decades. Conductive elements, components and the mechanical components necessary for assembly or installation exert tension or pressure on paints and glass.

What sounds simple requires extensive know-how and experience. Therefore, the formulations are mixed individually for each customer to suit their requirements. Already in our house, the colors are exposed to galvanic processes and high heat - a real endurance test and quality check in advance. The subsequently soldered components sit bombproof - for decades. Vibrations of machines or e.g. also in special vehicles but also strongly fluctuating basic conditions have no influence on the reliability of the sensor technology.

Superior Functionality for User Guidance and Feedback

User-friendly and intuitive control panels

User-friendly and intuitive control panels

Capacitive components are the basis for the development of touch solutions. Here, the user can perform an operation via a closed surface - without applying pressure.

Depending on the application and the information required, the combination of capacitive keys with a (touch) display offers enormous advantages. While key functions are always accessible and feedback is always visible, a display can be used to show changing data and graphics or more in-depth menu structures.

Even functions that are not used on a daily basis, such as a maintenance mode, are integrated intelligently in this way. We develop a customized system for your requirements - with individual information provision and user feedback and suitable for high mechanical stress. Immediately ready for use without long charging times, largely independent of temperature and light irradiation and with a higher and longer availability of components than standard displays.

Optimal usability through haptic and acoustic feedback

Pure touch solutions or industrial PCs have decisive disadvantages depending on the environment and application. While tablets or displays completely lack haptic feedback and often obscure information, industrial PCs and their peripherals are susceptible to contamination and mechanical damage or wear. In addition, both are often interchangeable standard solutions that are not optimally designed either in terms of their geometry or HMI concept.

Structuring of the glass surface, such as cuts in the shape of a fingertip or a slider, optimally supports the operator without losing the advantages of a closed glass front.

Attention-grabbing shapes such as a wheel are both an HMI and a design element, enhancing the product both visually and haptically. Special tasks require special solutions - especially in a noisy environment or when the user is dependent on blind operation such as setting machine parameters with visual control, our combination of mechanical buttons and switches paired with our smart technologies offers several advantages: Operation with clearly tactile feedback such as with a glass button with mechanical stroke, alternating illumination of individual symbols and status displays.

But classic feedback such as acoustic signals or tactile feedback can also be combined. Just exactly the optimal solution for every application.

Optimal usability through haptic and acoustic feedback

Smart lighting concepts make things easy for the operator

Design and printing technology provide the basis for optimal operator guidance. The targeted use of lighting effects such as flat or spot lights, for highlighting, different colors and different brightness gradations offer the possibility of feedback for a coherent UX concept.

Information that is not relevant can be hidden thanks to a "disappearing effect" and, for example, displayed at another time. This can be pure displays or complete buttons. Displays and 7-segment displays can also be seamlessly integrated in this way without disturbing the perfect overall appearance. So only the functions that are actually necessary become visible.

Misoperation is thus avoided and the (decision-making) stress for the user is reduced. Thanks to modern sensor technology, it is also possible to completely integrate the HMI into the environment, for example by having it switch from an (unlit) standby mode to an illuminated standby mode when approached. In addition to eliminating the often visually distracting status lights, this also reduces permanent energy consumption.

Customized development

Together from the idea to series production

Together from the idea to series production

We realize your design and your individual application - without compromise. In the last twenty years, we have implemented over 550 different products from a wide range of industries. We know the relevant requirements and are able to develop customized solutions.

Whether a few centimeters or life-size, whether a single button or a highly complex multi-touch combination, whether small or large series - in the end, the products are united by the high-quality, design-oriented front made of glass with an optimal UX concept.

Together with our customers, we transform ideas into products ready for series production. We accompany and advise them throughout the entire product life cycle, thus ensuring a holistic, coherent solution.

The planning of the perfect product

Front glass, components and housing, up to the packaging - optimally coordinated in the design by us. The right overall concept for the realization of your perfect product. Always completely focused on meeting the specific requirements of our customers.

Whether durability, maximum hygiene, perfect user guidance through lighting concepts or much more.

Taking the right path early on with prototypes

Prototyping is an essential part of the collaboration with our customers. By visualizing and conveying the special feel, we can ensure that our control panels meets the high quality standards they expect from us.

The glass operating unit can be provided as a functionless design sample within a very short time. The design parts can be produced quickly and easily using our 3D printer.

The planning of the perfect product

Leading production processes

State-of-the-art machinery and unique production processes

Projects and applications are developed specifically for each customer. We offer extensive experience in all areas of development, from design and construction to certification and series production. It does not matter to us whether you need a single solution, manufactured goods or large series with 15,000 pieces per year.

We produce exclusively at our site in Villingen-Schwenningen in the Black Forest and work with regional partners in an innovation cluster. We have the necessary infrastructure for a wide variety of projects. On more than 8,000 m2, we map the complete value chain in our plant.

Modern machinery, qualified personnel and constant testing during production ensure our high quality standards. We have been DIN 9001 certified for thirty years. We are particularly proud of our unrivaled printing quality and our glass processing centers.

Assembly up to the complete product

As a system supplier, we not only advise you on HMI and user guidance, but also procure and manufacture the complete assembly for you. We assemble your product at special assembly workstations tailored to the various products.

Pre-finished delivery throughout Europe

We deliver ready-to-install and on the desired ate throughout Europe - also to the end customer in item-specific packaging. In addition, we take care of obsolescence management and develop functional replacements in good time if required.

Highest quality through intensive testing

No system or circuit board leaves the factory without visual inspection and functional testing. The systems are thereby put through their paces in installation situations. We offer certifications and elaborate standard tests in partnership with a renowned testing laboratory.

EVYTRA Innovation Lab

EVYTRA Innovation Lab

Our Innovation Lab has been affectionately christened "Area 52" by our employees. This is where we ask the crucial questions and work on the answers for the future. Thinking limitations have to stay outside when we work on solutions for the future, gladly together with our customers, external experts or universities.

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