Our management

Pierre Lohrber
Managing Partner / CEO

Pierre Lohrber

It takes courage to let go. But creativity needs space and curiosity to create great things.

Head of Business Unit Systems

Anja Dannemann

For her, standing still is a step backwards. Let's enter the next level.

Anja Dannemann
Benedikt Weltersbach
Head of Business Unit PCB Service

Benedikt Weltersbach

Either we find a way, or we create one.

Manufacturing Manager

Claudio Priola

He ensures that your high-quality products are created from many individual parts.

Claudio Priola
Martina Degner
Head of Quality Management

Martina Degner

Quality is not negotiable with her.

Cornelius Berns

Dear FELA team, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your outstandingly fast feedback as well as the samples! A cooperation as one would wish!

Cornelius Berns Thermokon Sensortechnik GmbH, Head of Sales
Martin Isenschmid

I also thank you very much for the top message and your support in this matter! We appreciate this very much. Through the early delivery, you have saved us a lot of trouble with our customer!

Also, love to your colleagues in the assembly of components, who made an extra effort for us! That's what I call top customer service.

Martin Isenschmid Impact Acoustic AG, Chief Purchasing Officer
Fabio Zürn

For this reason, I would like to thank you in advance for the super support and cooperation. As I have already informed you, I am also passing on this positive feedback internally. The entire, open communication is very exemplary and so we were able to deal with the issue quickly.

Fabio Zürn Oertli Instrumente AG, Quality assurance