We are the printed circuit board experts


The Printed Circuit Board Expert - Competent Advice and Reliable Procurement

Our customers are leading producers of high-value industrial products with high demands for consistently high quality at attractive world market prices. They appreciate our "all-round worry-free service", with which we completely relieve them of the complex procurement process so that they can focus entirely on their core business.

Our pursuit of quality and reliability characterizes our decades of proven collaboration with manufacturers from around the world. With our in-depth market expertise, we successfully protect our customers from potential purchasing risks, especially in the Far East business, such as unimplemented requirements, faulty deliveries, unplanned cost increases or currency risks.


All-round worry-free service

We take the complex procurement process completely off your hands, protecting you from any risks.


1:1 support at eye level

Our experts for printed circuit boards advise you individually. Your personal contact person accompanies you through the entire procurement process.


Constantly high quality standard

Our partners from around the world must meet the highest standards of quality and reliability. We have known many of them for over 20 years.


Attractive world market prices

Our customers participate in attractive world market prices. We use our market expertise and purchasing power to achieve this.


Comprehensive technology portfolio

We cover the complete spectrum of printed circuit board technology and count renowned manufacturers from diverse industries among our customers.


Tight controls

Audits of our standards are conducted through regular site visits, audits and inspections. In addition, EVYTRA inspectors have been implemented on site.

Our extensive portfolio

We cover the complete spectrum of printed circuit board technology. We supply customers from diverse industries, such as EMS service providers, industrial electronics, measurement and control technology, automotive, lighting technology, building automation and many others.

Our range of services

  • 1 - 24 layers FR4 PCBs
  • 1 - 6 layers aluminum printed circuit boards
  • Flex printed circuit boards
  • Starrflex printed circuit boards
  • Samples, small batches and series
  • Special technologies
  • HDI
  • Fine conductors
  • Thick copper
  • Surfaces: HAL, HAL lead-free, OSP, chem. Sn, chem. Ni/Au, galv. Au
  • Other technologies on request

Certificates of our manufacturing partners a. o.

  • ISO 9001
  • UL
  • IATF16949
  • ISO14001
Production printed circuit boards

Our service

  • 3 WD express production time, 20 WD standard production time
  • Individual technical review of each request
  • Data check and feasibility check for bid submission
  • Quotation preparation within 24 hours
  • No blanket pricing via price matrix
  • Upon request, a supply proposal is prepared
  • Agreement of framework contracts with corresponding stockpiling
  • Technical advice
  • Sample in advance for series release (sample or rush service from Asia)
  • Early and comprehensive communication
  • Just-In-Time

Extensive network of manufacturing partners around the world

As a PCB expert from the very beginning, we have an extensive network of manufacturers from all over the world. There are deep personal relationships with all partners. Our customers and we benefit from this, especially in times of crisis.

In China in particular, we have had partners at locations in Chendu, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Huizhou, Suzhou, Wuxi and Tianjin for 25 years. So we can offer you alternatives at any time.

Quality management and audits

Picture colleague with white coat in test situation

Over the past twenty years, we have succeeded in sensitizing our partner companies to quality according to German standards in all areas of the company and in establishing high quality standards. Standards are verified through regular on-site visits, static and dynamic audits and inspections. In addition, there is comprehensive documentation of the quality agreements.

To meet the requirements and demands of our customers and to guarantee standards of quality, we started years ago to train and certify our Asian partner companies. In addition, EVYTRA inspectors have been implemented on site.

Your contact persons

Our experts for printed circuit boards advise you competently and individually. Your personal contact will accompany you through the entire procurement process.

5 steps to your printed circuit board

  Customer provides data and drawings

  Work preparation EVYTRA transfers the data to the EVYTRA standard

  Manufacturing plants produce according to EVYTRA standard

  EVYTRA inspectors check the goods at the manufacturer's premises

  Incoming goods inspection EVYTRA checks the goods on arrival

Information and data transfer

Information and data transfer
Cornelius Berns

Dear FELA team, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your outstandingly fast feedback as well as the samples! A cooperation as one would wish!

Cornelius Berns Thermokon Sensortechnik GmbH, Head of Sales
Fabio Zürn

For this reason, I would like to thank you in advance for the super support and cooperation. As I have already informed you, I am also passing on this positive feedback internally. The entire, open communication is very exemplary and so we were able to deal with the issue quickly.

Fabio Zürn Oertli Instrumente AG, Quality assurance
Martin Isenschmid

I also thank you very much for the top message and your support in this matter! We appreciate this very much. Through the early delivery, you have saved us a lot of trouble with our customer!

Also, love to your colleagues in the assembly of components, who made an extra effort for us! That's what I call top customer service.

Martin Isenschmid Impact Acoustic AG, Chief Purchasing Officer