Customized solutions - High quality and maximum freedom in design

"High-quality machines or equipment need high-quality control panels!" - Realizing this for our customers is the passion of our team of experts - for more design, more haptics, more durability and more hygiene.

Industry solutions

Manufacturers in various industries rely on us. Below you will find the industry focal points in which our know-how is already being used today.

Medical & Laboratory Technology

In the field of medical technology, we realize input units for laboratory equipment, nurse call systems, treatment units up to complex machine and system controls for the clean room. All our products are extremely high-quality, durable and long-lasting. Our products fully comply with the strict regulations and high requirements, especially for hygiene and cleaning.

Our solutions meet the specific requirements of their respective field of application, such as a clean function or the use of homgenic surfaces or switching delays. This guarantees that even with frequent cleaning, the equipment remains intact. There is no wear or discoloration, as is otherwise the case with plastic surfaces - thus ensuring a particularly long service life.

Building Automation

In the field of building automation, we have realized a wide range of projects. These include glass operating units for surveillance systems, switches for lights, blinds and fans, as well as HMI systems for air conditioning and heating systems, elevator controls and conference systems. Or applications for access control and time recording.

Our customers particularly appreciate the wide range of design and customization options. Modern applications rely on comprehensive concepts and integration into the control and regulation system. For this purpose, we use current and established radio and sensor technologies.

Caravan & Recreational Vehicles

For the caravan and recreational vehicle sector, we supply high-quality switches with individual icons, control units for peripheral devices such as heating, air conditioning or lift support and the central control board. A design that stands out. Customers are caravan manufacturers in the luxury and premium segment who produce vehicles in large numbers, as well as manufacturers and OEMs for exclusive individual vehicles.

Easy installation, a low installation depth and a high degree of customization make the switch perfect for challenging installation situations such as in furniture construction, caravans and motor homes, and boat building.

Industrial Automation

We develop individual and functional HMI solutions for the field of mechanical engineering and industrial automation - depending on the requirements, we combine several input options and provide haptic, optical or acoustic feedback for operation that can be performed almost blindly, out of the corner of the user's eye. We manufacture both in small quantities and large series, variants and versions for the OEM sector.

Our customers are suppliers of high-quality machines and expect innovative and best possible solutions that enhance their products. And this with maximum freedom of design.

Wellness & Fitness

In the fitness and wellness industry, the possible applications of capacitive technology - whether sports equipment, sauna or infrared cabin or in the sanitary area - are numerous. There is hardly any difference between professional and private use. 

The advantages of our glass input systems are obvious: the homogeneous surface for perfect cleaning, status displays through lighting elements or feedback through acoustic signals, as well as a modern and high-quality design.


Our self-developed switch series EVYTRA SWITCH is the perfect solution for all who are looking for beautiful, noble switches made of glass to go with their high-quality CASAMBI lighting control. Each switch can be individually designed according to your wishes - be it according to your desired color or an individual symbolism. Glass has a pleasant feel and retains its original beauty for years. It is also easy to clean, hygienic and does not wear out.

And the application is very simple and uncomplicated. You simply replace your existing switch with the EVYTRA SWITCH or even use a mobile solution of the switch, so you have the perfect retrofit solution.

Fabio Zürn

For this reason, I would like to thank you in advance for the super support and cooperation. As I have already informed you, I am also passing on this positive feedback internally. The entire, open communication is very exemplary and so we were able to deal with the issue quickly.

Fabio Zürn Oertli Instrumente AG, Quality assurance
Cornelius Berns

Dear FELA team, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your outstandingly fast feedback as well as the samples! A cooperation as one would wish!

Cornelius Berns Thermokon Sensortechnik GmbH, Head of Sales
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I also thank you very much for the top message and your support in this matter! We appreciate this very much. Through the early delivery, you have saved us a lot of trouble with our customer!

Also, love to your colleagues in the assembly of components, who made an extra effort for us! That's what I call top customer service.

Martin Isenschmid Impact Acoustic AG, Chief Purchasing Officer